Friday, February 4, 2011

QBE supports environment through green practices (Press Release)

With more than 800 employees and three buildings located on 140 acres in Sun Prairie, QBE has a special commitment to sustainability. The company’s environmental sustainability statement calls for environmental awareness, as well as support for employee involvement in sustainability practices.

Green efforts are encouraged by the QBE Eco Team, a group of employees that help the company research and promote environmentally-friendly programs.

QBE has implemented several programs to save energy and reduce waste at its Sun Prairie campus. These include:

  • Recycling—Over the past two years, QBE has recycled 38 tons of waste, including electrical wire, cabinets, shelving, scrap metals and light fixtures.

  • Lighting and energy conservation—All laptop and desktop computers connected to the company’s network automatically shut down at 9 p.m. each day. Many work spaces and conference rooms have sensors to activate lights as needed.

  • Sustainable food practices—QBE’s food service vendor turns food waste into compost for local farmers, and uses biodegradable and compostable containers. In addition, the food service uses organic natural, local and seasonal foods to help reduce carbon use from manufacturing, transportation, preparation, packaging and waste processing.

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