Sunday, January 1, 2012

Project 365: Final Stats (City of Sun Prairie Office of Econoimc Development)

City of Sun Prairie Economic Development Director and his Editor-in-Chief celebrate the 365th consecutive day posting business and economic development news that impacted Sun Prairie. (Photo by Laura Stechschulte)  

Project 365: Final Stats (January 1, 2011 to December 31, 2011)

10,250 Unique Visitors
15,927 Visits
25,560 Pageviews
104 Highest Daily Visits
63.8% New Visitors
36.2% Returning Visitors
1 minute, 17 seconds - Average Time on the Site

Cities of Origin of Visits - Top Ten: Madison, Sun Prairie, Chicago, Milwaukee, New York, Cottage Grove, Eden Prairie, St. Louis, Rochester, Minneapolis

Country of Origin of Visits - Top Ten: United States, India, Canada, United Kingdom, Philippines, Brazil, Germany, Mexico, Australia and France.

Topics of Interest - Top Ten:
Thermo Fisher Acquires TREK Diagnostic
Wisconsin Cheeseman Closing
Sun Prairie's Project 365 Overview
Monopoly Board for Sun Prairie
Marcus Theatres Update
Frontier Communications Expands
Downtown Sun Prairie's Ladies Night Out
Sun Prairie's Blues Fest
Woodman's Project Update
Roundy's Foundation Raises Funds for Food Pantry

Keywords/Phrases for Search Based Traffic - Top Ten:
Sun Prairie ED News
Sun Prairie Economic Development
Marcus Theatres Sun Prairie
Thermo Fisher
Wisconsin Cheeseman Auction
Sun Prairie 365
Woodman's Sun Prairie
Costco Sun Prairie
Sun Prairie Blues Fest 2011
Blank Monopoly Board

Source of Visits:
47.8% is Search Traffic
25.5 is Referral Traffic
20.6% is Direct Traffic
6.1% is from Campaigns

Blogger's Note: Thanks to everyone to visited, contributed, followed or submitted news for Project 365.  Yes...I plan on continuing to post stories in 2012, but it won't be every single day.  Looking forward to more positive stories to post in the coming year.