Friday, June 17, 2011

Follow Sun Prairie Resident Trying to Buy a New Car Using Just Social Media (

I’m Buying a 2011 Ford Explorer in Madison, WI. Who Wants my Business?

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Blogger's Notes: Sun Prairie resident Collin Kromke is in the market for a new car. He already knows what he wants. He also knows how he wants to get it. Collin is using Twitter and Facebook to see what Ford dealers in the Madison area are actually using these social media to serve their customers. If they want the deal, its going to have to be made online using social media to negotiate it. Why? Because Collin takes his social media pretty seriously, as he is the Social Media Administrator and Marketer for American Family Insurance. And I think he just wanted to see what would happen.

He's had mixed but interesting results, including his first contact back being from a Ford dealer in Canada! Follow Collin's online adventures on any of the following media to see how this turns out:

Social Poser (Collin Kromke's blog):
Twitter: @collin_k

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Collin Kromke said...

Thanks for the post, Neil! This will be an interesting adventure.