Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sun Prairie Shines at Social Media Breakfast (City of Sun Prairie Office of Economic Development)

Panelists at the Social Media Breakfast in Madison Discuss Their Trade (Photo by Neil Stechschulte)

I just want everybody to know how with it Sun Prairie is when it comes to social media.

Ellie Humphrey and Tony Rodriguez, co-managers of Social Media Breakfast Madison are both Sun Prairie residents.

Of the five social media panelists presenting on "Starting Social Media from Scratch" at today's Social Media Breakfast Madison meeting at Harbor Athletic Club, two of them had direct ties to Sun Prairie: Tony Rodriguez (the same as mentioned previously) is owner of Mad City Ads (and as previously stated is a Sun Prairie resident). Lynn Belken is new Director of Marketing and Customer Education for WPPI Energy (formerly with Focus on Energy).

The sponsor for breakfast was from Sun Prairie's own Frontier Communications (Thanks Terry).

Finally, I also met at least three other people with direct ties to Sun Prairie.

With so much interest coming our way, we're hoping to get the SMB Madison team over to Sun Prairie a bit more often.

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