Friday, June 24, 2011

U.S. 151-Main Street Interchange Project Update for Week of June 27th (City of Sun Prairie Engineering Department)

The following construction activities are scheduled for the week of June 27th:

- Paving of temporary driveways to Hamilton Place off of Hart Rd and Wal-Mart semi access off O'Keeffe Ave should occur the week of June 27th.

- Installation of temporary signals at the Clarmar Drive / Main Street intersection will also continue this week. This signal will likely be operational during this same week.

- Installation of temporary signals at ramps east of STH 151 will continue but will not be made operational at this time.

- The portable message boards will be updated and revised.

- The northbound on-ramp and the southbound off-ramp will not be closed until after July 4th. The other ramps are slated to be open to traffic.

- Temporary pavement will be installed to accommodate lane shifts for future phases of construction.

Key Contact Information:

City of Sun Prairie Project Office: (608) 215-1167
WisDOT Project Office: (608) 834-1207
Contractor Office (R.G. Huston): (608) 255-9223
Project Office Address: 1632 W. Main St. (Access from Hart Rd.)

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