Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sun Prairie Utilities Hosts Appreciation Cook-Out for Large Electrical Customers (City of Sun Prairie Office of Economic Development)

Several of Sun Prairie's larger electrical customers braved the high temperatures and got lunch from Sun Prairie Utilities today. Participants included Palmer Johnson Power Systems, Soderholm Foods, Veyance Technologies and the Sun Prairie Area School District. Other attendees included WPPI Energy President Mike Peters, WPPI Energy Senior Vice President of Member & Customer Services Tom Paque, several local members of the Sun Prairie Utilities Commission, and Sun Prairie Utilities staff. This event has become an annual affair under the leadership and direction of Sun Prairie Utilities Director Rick Wicklund and WPPI Energy Services Representative Tamara Sondgeroth. It boils down to good food, good networking, and a good chance to strengthen the relationship between the utility and its customers. Most importantly, its a chance to show a little appreciation to some of the most important customers Sun Prairie Utilities serves.

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Blogger's Note: Special thanks to all the Sun Prairie Utilities crew who helped with today's cookout!

Blogger's Note #2: Did I mention that our local electrical rates can be 10-20% less than neighboring investor owned utilities? Call the Sun Prairie Utilities office at (608) 837-5500 if you think I'm kidding!

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