Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sun Prairie Twitter Users Help Lead Unique New Marketing Campaign (City of Sun Prairie Office of Economic Development)

(Photo Credit: Social Media Club of Madison)

Sun Prairie's Ellie Humphrey and Tony Rodriguez are regular participants of the Madison Social Media Club and Social Media Breakfast. Today, they were out and about with social media guru Wendy Soucie working on a unique marketing event called the #lincolndriveby (for anyone wanting to follow the project on Twitter).

The project includes driving a brand new Lincoln MKS sponsored by Ford to local businesses that are known for their social media efforts and having a picture taken with the car and the Twitter hashtag #lincolndriveby. The photos will be collected and shared via Twitter and will be used to co-promote these local businesses as well as the Ford's new Lincoln MKS. (It also should be neat experiment in demonstrating the power of social media in advertising.)

Several stops were made in the Sun Prairie area, including Beans 'n' Cream, Frontier Communications (shown above). The #lincolndriveby will be occurring over at least the next week.

Think your business is worthy of a #lincolndriveby? Contact Ellie Humphrey (@E_Humphrey) or Tony Rodriquez (@MadCityAds) via Twitter to get your business on the list for a photo! or aLinknd use the #lincolndriveby hashtag!

UPDATE: Follow Ellie Humphrey's blog about the #lincolndriveby by clicking here.

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