Monday, November 17, 2008

Sun Prairie Welder Keeps Farmers Farming (Capital Times)

(Photo by John Oncken)

Don Faber of Faber Welding and Fabrication in Sun Prairie is another fixer. His is a one-man business that he bought eight years ago from his dad, Bob Faber, who started the company in 1976. Faber can weld things that are broken, cut and shape metal that must fit into a specific location, drill holes where holes must be drilled and invent something on the spot to fill a need. Recently he made a bracket to hold a manure separator that will be part of a digester being installed on a local farm; retrofitted a draw bar on a tractor to pull a different piece of equipment; and fashioned a 4 x 4 sheet of heavy metal to replace the worn out feeder house on a big combine.

Faber has a good size repair shop in Sun Prairie (608-837-5822) but often times he is gone fixing something, somewhere. A note in the window will give a cell phone number and a time when he expects to be back. He admits with a bit of shyness that he also has a worldwide business. Some years ago, John Blaska, owner of the Oaks Golf Course at Cottage Grove, asked Faber to make a better yardage marker sign for the golf course. Faber produced a welded marker which turned out to be a popular product. He fabricates the markers for National Golf Graphics, a Monona company that markets worldwide. My yardage markers are even on a golf course in Dubai, Faber says with pride.

Sun Prairie is home to many small manufacturing businesses like Faber, and shows there is still a stong demand for their services and products in our economy.

Click here to read the full article on Faber Welding in the Capital Times.

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