Monday, June 20, 2011

Sun Prairie Community Development Authority Under Mayor John Murray Begins to Expand its Reach (Sun Prairie Star)

CDA Board extends deadline to August 31

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Blogger's Note: It's great to have a group willing to talk about what we can do to better market the community. I'm looking forward to feedback from our CDA as we move forward on some of these initiatives.

The marketing strategies I outlined at this meeting are pretty basic for now, but they should get us through 2011. Key points for the short term: 1) Focusing on 2-3 target sectors, 2) Ensure we have accurate, current community profile information in digital and hard copy formats, 3) Maximize our online presence, and 4) Reaching out to local commercial Realtors, regional developers, and national site selection consultants for specific types buildings and properties.

As for some things we'll be looking at beyond 2011, they include looking at how to encourage more entrepreneurship, expanding the housing options for higher income earners, and pre-qualifying our industrial parcels as certified development sites.

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