Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sun Prairie Geocaching Challenge Launched (Press Release)

02.15.2011– The Sun Prairie Chamber of Commerce, in conjunction with the Sun Prairie Tourism Commission, today announced the Sun Prairie Geocaching Challenge. Official program dates run from March 1, 2011 to December 31, 2001. In order to participate in the Sun Prairie Geocaching Challenge, geocaching teams must obtain an official Sun Prairie Geocaching Challenge passport from the Sun Prairie Chamber of Commerce or one of three participating area hotels. Passports may also be printed here from the Chamber of Commerce or Visit Sun Prairie websites.

Using a compass or GPS device to find four of the six geocache containers hidden throughout greater Sun Prairie, Wisconsin the teams must record their finds on the official Geocaching.com website.

After March 1, passports must be then returned to the Sun Prairie Chamber of Commerce. All entries will be verified on Geocaching.com and eligible geocaching teams will be entered into a monthly drawing for a $25 gift certificate donated by an area business. A grand prize drawing will be held at the end of 2011, and one winning team will be selected to win lodging, food, and entertainment in Sun Prairie. The first monthly winner will be selected held at the end of March, 2011.

"As a Chamber of Commerce, we're excited to announce this program to the community. We feel the Geocaching Challenge will promote Sun Prairie to Wisconsin and even a worldwide audience," explained Ann Smith, Director of the Sun Prairie Chamber of Commerce.

"Geocaching is a great way for people to find different parts of Sun Prairie that they probably wouldn't think of going to if they were just going to an event or restaurant."Les McBurney, Sun Prairie Tourism Commission Chair, added, "The geocaching challenge offers a whole different dimension in terms of connecting with visitors and folks that might return again to Sun Prairie. Promoting our community is very important to help sustain our businesses and bring people back in the future."

In addition to hiding physical cache containers, ten Sun Prairie themed travel bugs have been created and distributed with the purpose of educating people about Sun Prairie. "With the travel bugs, I wanted to showcase different aspects of the community," explained Julie Henning, Sun Prairie resident and Geocaching Challenge volunteer. "We have a Jimmy the Groundhog travel bug, one for the Volunteer Fire Department, Georgia O'Keefe, and even one for the annual summertime Sweet Corn Festival."

For more information about the Geocaching Challenge, contact the Sun Prairie Chamber of Commerce at 608-837-4547.

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