Saturday, August 13, 2011

151-Main Street Project Update - Week of August 15th (City of Sun Prairie Engineering Department)

The following activities are scheduled for the week of August 15th:

Storm sewer installation and paving under and near the overpass will continue this week, including turn lanes underneath the bridge.

Sidewalk installation also continues, and handicapped ramps should be poured by early next week. The bike path on the north side of Main Street should be open this week.

Landscaping and restoration of areas near completed sections of the project will be ongoing.

Traffic control may shift slightly to accommodate pavement markings and completed pedestrian & bicycle areas. Motorists and pedestrians are advised to watch for changes in the coming weeks as the project shifts.

Persons traveling this route are advised that construction is likely to be occurring on Saturdays for the next several weeks. People are also strongly encouraged to continue to slow down and watch for construction workers and equipment at all times in the construction zone.

The next business meeting is scheduled for August 25th at 9:00 a.m.

SPECIAL NOTE: While Main St. will continue to remain open, Corn Fest traffic on August 18-21st is encouraged to utilize alternative routes to get to Angell Park. Alternatives include:

- 151 Exit to Hwy. C, to O'Keeffe Ave, to Main Street to Downtown

- 151 Exit to STH 19 (Windsor St.) to Bristol St., to Downtown

- 151 Exit to CTH N (Bristol St.) to Downtown

- I-94 Exit to CTH N north

Key Contact Information

City of Sun Prairie Project Office: (608) 215-1167
WisDOT Project Office: (608) 834-1207
Contractor Office (R.G. Huston): (608) 255-9223
Project Office Address: 1632 W. Main St. (Access from Hart Rd.)

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