Sunday, August 14, 2011

Overview of Current Development Projects (City of Sun Prairie Office of Economic Development)

Despite the roller coaster ride our State and national economy have been on, here in Sun Prairie we have a considerable amount of new economic activity going on. The following projects are underway or are being planned in Sun Prairie:

- New Perspective Senior Housing: 150 Units on S. Bristol St. recommended for approval by Plan Commission; scheduled to break ground in Fall 2011 and be open in 2012.

- McDonald's (East): Currently under construction; scheduled to open in Fall 2011.

- 402 E. Main St. Redevelopment: 25 residential units and 2 commercial spaces being considered. Scheduled for initial submittal in Aug. 2011, with groundbreaking later in Fall 2011 and opening in Spring 2012 (assuming Council approval).

- Main Street Shopping Center: Under new ownership; undertaking roof repairs, mudjacking of sidewalks, and proposing a upgrade to the building facade yet in 2011.

- Westside Neighborhood Area: Construction of Woodman's 224,000 s.f. store is underway. This site will also have seven developable outlots immediately north of the store. They will be open in Fall of 2012. In addition, there are at least two potential major projects being considered that will hopefully be announced yet in 2011.

- Iron Gate Apartments: The first of two 60-unit apartment buildings is under construction near Copp's West. This project is anticipated to be completed and open by Fall 2011.

- Sun Prairie Business Park: 2-3 prospects are evaluating potential acquisition of lots for possible construction of new facilities in 2012.

Blogger's Note: 2011 and 2012 could end up being good years for us if all these projects stay on track. Sun Prairie is apparently still a good investment.

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