Saturday, August 6, 2011

151 Main Street Project Update - Week of August 8th (City of Sun Prairie Engineering Department)

The following activities are scheduled for the week of August 8th:

Pedestrian traffic will be moved from the existing sidewalk to the new driving lanes on North side of Main Street.

Grading for the new pedestrian path on north side of Main Street will begin this week.

Pedestrian path on south side of the project to be installed in the next two weeks.

Pedestrian traffic will be moved to new permanent path on North side of Main Street.

Remove temporary pedestrian path and pavement and install storm sewer.

The two closed on ramps (from Main St. to 151 North and the off ramp to from 151 South to Main St.) should be open Monday morning.

Traffic control and vehicular traffic patterns will remain the same with the exception of the opening of the two ramps and pedestrian traffic will be re-routed as described above.

Persons traveling this route are advised that construction is likely to be occurring on Saturdays for the next several weeks.

People are also strongly encouraged to slow down and watch for construction workers and equipment at all times in the construction zone.

The next business meeting is scheduled for August 11th at 9:00 a.m.

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