Thursday, April 17, 2008

Sun Prairie Farmers' Market Opens Sat. May 3rd

Want to buy fresh, locally grown farm products but don't want to fight the crowds at the Dane County Farmers Market? Don't forget about your very own Sun Prairie Farmers' Market, which starts up again on May 3rd, and runs every Saturday through October 25th. Select from offerings of fresh vegetables and fruits, meats, flowers, baked goods, jams and other products that are some the finest that South Central Wisconsin has to offer.

Go ahead and do a little shopping and dining while you're Downtown too!

Location: 300 E. Main Church St. (Behind Municipal Building a.ka. City Hall Parking Lot)
Hours: 7 a.m.- Noon
Questions: Contact Earl Krueger at (920) 623-3425

(Source: Sun Prairie Business Improvement District)

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