Thursday, April 10, 2008

Famous Footwear Announcement Has No Impact on Sun Prairie Distribution Center (Sun Prairie Star Online)

Brown Shoe Company spoke with both the City of Sun Prairie and the Sun Prairie Star and confirmed that their integration of their Madison office operations into their St. Louis headquarters will not affect Sun Prairie's Famous Footwear Distribution Center.

Famous Footwear President Joe Wood spoke with Chris Mertes at the Star earlier this afternoon. In addition to not being included in the intergration of offices, Wood indicated that there was opportunity for growth at the Sun Prairie facility. had initially reported that this announcement could affect the Sun Prairie facility. Once informed of this, Brown Shoe immediately contacted WISC-TV and directed them to post a correction.

Special thanks to Chris Mertes and the Star for making sure they had current and accurate information prior to running their story, and for their communication with the City during the confusion caused by the initial story.

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