Wednesday, October 19, 2011

City of Sun Prairie Represented on Government 2.0 Panel at October Social Media Breakfast (City of Sun Prairie Office of Economic Development)

Panelists Kathy Marks (left), Scott Resnick (2nd from left), Jennifer Smith (Center), Neil Stechschulte (2nd from right) and Andrew Nussbaum (right) chat before their panel discussion this morning on using social media in government (Photo by Bob Wydra)

Social Media Breakfast Madison welcomed a 5 panelist program on "Government 2.0 : Social Media Best Practices for Local, County and State Agency Stakeholders" today at the Goodman Community Center. Today's panel came from a variety of public sector backgrounds including economic development, tourism, broadband initiatives, multi-county programs and city-government communications spoke about best social media practices and successes in their programs. Panelists included Neil Stechschulte (City of Sun Prairie Economic Development Director), Andrew Nussbaum (President, Columbia County Tourism Bureau), Scott Resnick (City of Madison District 8 City Council Member), Kathy Marks (Managing Principal TMA + Peritus), and Jennifer Smith (Communications and Web Manager, Office of Broadband Sustainability - UW Extension).

Click here for more information on Social Media Breakfast Madison.

Blogger's Note:  Thanks to Social Media Breakfast Madison for inviting me to speak as part of their panel today. 

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