Saturday, July 23, 2011

Thank You To Everybody Who Helped Make the Taste of Sun Prairie a Success Again This Year! (City of Sun Prairie Office of Economic Development)

Some quick thanks to Rebecca Kettleson from the Dream Park, Bill Taft and all the gang from the Sun Prairie Lions Club, all the members of the BID who helped out today, all the vendors and restaurants, the bands, the entertainment, and all the others who took the time to set up a tent. I also want to thank Larry Herman and the Public Works Department, Dennis Allen and Building Inspection, Rem Brandt and Linda Anderson and the Police Department, and Diane-Herrmann Brown and the City Clerk's Office for all their help making sure we got this event off like it was supposed to go. Lastly, thanks to Travis for his work with the electrical system and plumbing out in Cannery Square. AND...the square looked pretty good when we all cleared out of there. This is a great event, and as soon as I cool down and rehydrate--I'm going to start looking toward the next one.

Blogger's Note: I think John would have been proud.

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