Friday, July 19, 2013

Farm-to-Table Pizza at Salvatore's (Madison Magazine)

Photo by Nicole Peaslee

They don’t call it a pizza at Salvatore’s Tomato Pies. "The tomato pie is a uniquely special pizza,” says Patrick DePula, who opened the Sun Prairie restaurant in 2011. The tomato pie, the signature at Sal’s, is built in reverse, with whole-milk mozzarella, a little provolone and topped with fresh tomato sauce and basil. The sauce on top does at times throw customers off, but DePula is loyal to the recipe—it’s nearly a hundred years old and draws inspiration from the first pizza places to pop up in the United States. The tomato pie represents what a pizza was before it was “commoditized by the chains,” DePula says. No added sugar in the sauce, no preservatives in the cheese and everything is scratch-made. The same goes for the more complex pies, like the Farmer John’s Smoked Gouda and the El Valiente varieties.

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Blogger's Note: A great local business that does local food as it should be done.  (There is a legend that tells of a pizza called the Stechschulte at Sal's too.)

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