Saturday, January 1, 2011

Sun Prairie's "Project 365" Begins....NOW!

After a bit of a hiatus on posting news on the blog here, I'm excited to kick off 2011 by announcing Project 365!

What is Project 365?

Project 365 is an economic development marketing effort to encourage Sun Prairie based businesses and business organizations to share their successes and news. The goal will be to post at least one story per day on our economic development news blog for each calendar day for 2011. News may be posted links to other sources, or original content on this blog.

Why Project 365?

The intent of Project 365 will be to highlight and document the business climate in Sun Prairie over the course of 2011. This means increasing the number of business news stories from Sun Prairie in local and regional media, postively impacting our online search results, and assisting local businesses in marketing themselves in a targeted, cost effective manner.

What sort of news belongs in Project 365?

Facility Expansions
New Hires
New Products
New Customers
New Suppliers
New Partnerships
Awards & Recognitions
Media Reviews
Training & Certifications
Customer Testimonies
R&D Announcements
Company Milestones
Community Support
Event Participation
Financial Performance
Special Promotions
Chamber News
BID News
City Econ. Dev. News
Any Other Business News/Photos important to you as a local business!

How does news get submitted?

1) E-mail directly to your select media outlets e.g. the Star, the Wisconsin State Journal, etc. (see #2 if you need help with specific media contacts)

2) Contact Neil Stechschulte for Assistance
E-mail: nstechschulte[at]
Phone: (608) 825-0894

3) Options for digital format of information:
- Directly email digital text, an MS Word file , or a PDF file
- E-mail a link to a press release on your website
- E-mail a link to an article on media’s website

I look forward to submittals from everyone! Only 364 days to go...

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Nancy Thompson said...

What a splendid idea! There's plenty of good news in our communities, and frequently it's unrecognized. The idea of posting one new thought daily may give another business a creative idea. And it should definitely remind your citizens of why they live in Sun Prairie--great as a community attachment tool as well an innovation tool.