Saturday, January 15, 2011

ONE Plus Architecture Expanding to Include Photographic Art Studio and Gallery (ONE Plus Architecture)

Joe Powelka, local architect and president of ONE Plus Architecture, is expanding the ONE Plus companies to include ONE Plus Art. The current slow market for architecture has allowed Joe time to turn back the clock thirty-five years to re-explore a passion from his college years - color.

While in graduate school he studied painting using acrylic paint and canvas to explore how color affects our perceptions. Today, using tools not available then (digital cameras, personal computers and photographic software), Joe is combining his interest in color with an interest in native plants, gardening and the natural world around us. Through color and layout manipulation, he is able to create photos not found in nature, reveals hidden backgrounds and generates a depth of field not apparent in the original photograph.

The resulting photographic art is viewable is available for sale at his new studio and gallery at 113 West Main, Sun Prairie (which also serves as his architectural studio). While Joe has a web site up and running (, the site is in an introductory holding pattern until he can add many new examples of additional works scheduled to be completed within the next two months. Call for additional information at (608) 837-8022.

Blogger's Note: A welcome addition to the cultural resources in Downtown Sun Prairie.

Update: Powelka's ONE Plus Art offers artistic flair for sale (Sun Prairie Star)

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