Wednesday, March 4, 2009

WPPI Energy Establishes $10 Million RLF for Energy Saving Projects (Sun Prairie Star, WPPI Energy Press Release)

WPPI Energy has established a $10 million revolving loan fund to make zero-interest loans to help its members lead by example in the areas of energy efficiency, conservation and the use of renewable energy. The WPPI Energy Member Loan Program is designed to help members implement energy efficiency and renewable energy projects on utility and other municipally owned property, thereby lowering operating costs and meeting members' local energy needs with local renewable resources.

Typical projects will include:
  • Building or equipment efficiency upgrades;
  • Meeting U.S. Green Building Council Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design standards for building projects;
  • LED street lights and traffic signals;
  • Efficient fleet vehicles; and
  • Photovoltaic solar panel systems.
Only projects involving property owned by WPPI Energy member utilities or municipalities may qualify. Eligible projects include those that will reduce local energy costs as well as those that visibly demonstrate developing or cutting-edge energy technologies.

In each member community, WPPI Energy will lend up to $500,000 at zero percent interest for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. Each member borrowing under the program will make 120 equal monthly payments over 10 years. WPPI Energy Services representatives will help members identify qualifying projects and assist with the member loan application process.

The zero-interest, revolving loan program is designed to be used in conjunction with WPPI Energy's other incentive programs. WPPI Energy's member utilities have access to a variety of WPPI Energy conservation and efficiency programs and services, including project consulting and grant funding. Projects receiving loan funding also will be eligible for other WPPI Energy programs.

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