Thursday, August 7, 2008

Sun Prairie's Madison Kipp Corporation Receives $50,000 Energy Efficiency Grant from WPPI (Corrected Press Release)

WPPI has awarded a $50,000 grant for energy efficiency projects to Madison Kipp Corporation (MKC) in the Sun Prairie Business Park. As a customer of Sun Prairie Water & Light, MKC will receive funds to replace two existing air compressors with a new high efficiency variable speed drive air compressor to regulate air pressure with reduced cost.

WPPI’s RFP for Energy Efficiency is aimed at making electric energy saving projects a worthwhile business investment for large power customers. Large commercial and industrial customers of WPPI’s member communities are invited to submit competitive proposals for cost-effective, energy saving upgrades to equipment and systems within their current facilities.

“These grants help control energy costs by reducing inefficient uses of energy,” said Jake Oelke, Assistant Vice President of Energy Services. “As interest continues to grow, more people are discovering cost-effective solutions to keep electric bills down for the long term.”

The RFP for Energy Efficiency program is designed especially for large power customers to assist in funding energy savings projects with initial investments that prevent the upgrades from being cost effective. Projects that include electric savings of 25 kilowatts or more can be submitted for rating. Energy efficiency project funding also continues to be available through WPPI’s Efficiency Improvement Incentive program, which is open to any WPPI member retail customer with a valid commercial, industrial, municipal or agricultural electric account.

WPPI anticipates awarding up to $500,000 in additional RFP for Energy Efficiency grants this year, with $250,000 in funding available for each bidding cycle. The most recent round of bidding was completed in July, and incentive grants will be awarded in August. A subsequent round of bidding will close on Nov. 7, with awards granted in December.

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