Friday, May 9, 2008

City to Create Strategic Business Development Plan

Last Tuesday evening, the City Council approved the creation of an ad hoc economic development committee to prepare a Strategic Business Development Plan. We are seeking interested and qualified persons to meet monthly from June to October to help guide this effort. Committee members are to be appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council.

The official duties of the committee will be:

"The ad hoc economic development committee shall be charged with ensuring that the strategic business development plan 1) provides an overview of current and projected economic conditions, 2) identifies and prioritizes City initiatives relating to economic development for the next five years, and 3) establishes a means of measuring progress of those initiatives."

Anyone interested in being a member of this ad hoc committee can contact Mayor Joe Chase, Alderman John Murray or City Economic Development Coordinator Neil Stechschulte. Interest persons are asked to submit their notice of interest by Friday May 16th. Recommendations for potential members are also encouraged. Interested persons may be asked to submit a short description of their qualifications or background, as well as to explain their interest in serving on the committee.

Please contact Neil Stechschulte at (608) 825-0894 with any questions, or if you require additional information.

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