Thursday, March 13, 2008

General Casualty's Purchase by QBE to Create More Jobs (Sun Prairie Star)

General Casualty’s recent purchase by an Australian-based company, QBE, will result in more jobs in Sun Prairie, according to General Casualty President Pete McPartland. McPartland presented remarks during the March 11 Sun Prairie Rotary Club meeting held at the Colonial Club Senior Activity Center, 301 Blankenheim Lane.

Because the company has no campus similar to General Casualty’s in Sun Prairie, the company’s ownership will likely lead to more jobs.“I will also say it will lead to more employees in Sun Prairie, not less employees – there’s no doubt about that. The reason is QBE does not have a campus like ours anywhere in the world,” McPartland said, referring to the 150-acre, three-building facility located just off Highway C in Sun Prairie. “There’s room for more and QBE doesn’t have anything like that, so they look at our campus and being from Australia, they’re just salivating at the potential to do things.

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